Night Prowler by AC/DC

The song of the week for this week is Night Prowler by AC/DC. Made by the infamous Australian band that has become a household name, AC/DC. The writers of this six minute song were, of course, the late and great Bon Scott, Angus Young, and Malcom Young. This song came out in the Highway To Hell album, which was the last album that was released before the death of the great Bon Scott.

This song begins with a beautifully melodic bluesy riff, but just as you get into the rhythm of the song, a new element arises. A perfect blues lick fits perfectly into the riff and makes the song a true masterpiece. As the song progresses, the harsh spoken lyrics of the song kick in. The raspy vocals sang by Bon Scott give the lyrics integrity and character. The perfect solos throughout the song by Angus Young and the slow tempo that builds up to the solos makes this song one of the best AC/DC songs. Although it was overshadowed by the song that the album was named by, Highway To Hell, Night Prowler continues to be my favorite AC/DC song.

Now, to expand from the guitar riffs and licks, we come to the lyrics. The lyrics of this song are the perfect balance of AC/DC and sanity, unless of course you’re talking about their song, Big Balls, which might be covered. The song overall has an erie feeling throughout that is made by the guitar and the way the lyrics are sang. Scott speaks in almost a whisper in the beginning, building up the suspense in the overall song, because, like in the rest of the album, you can tell that no AC/DC song is slow. The lyrics perfectly reflect the name of the song. You feel as though that Bon Scott truly is your night prowler, watching your every move and stalking your every twitch. With the erie words that are sang,”Was that a noise outside the window, What’s that shadow on the blind, As you lie there naked, Like a body in a tomb, Suspended animation as I slip into your room,”(2nd verse, AC/DC Night Prowler) it makes you look behind your back making sure you are truly alone.

Now, with this song finished, you can see why it needs to be listened to. Although it is underestimated due to the fact that it’s in the same album as the fan favorite, Highway To Hell, I believe this song takes the place as top dog in this album for it’s melodic riffs, hypnotic licks, and its harsh spoken lyrics. Now with that said, all I can say is this, shazbot, nanu nanu.


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