Back in Black by AC/DC

I return again breaking down another song. This song is a much more known song, for it is one of rocks most downloaded/bought songs in the world. It’s the legendary track by AC/DC, Back in Black.

Once again, the Australian wonders came back with another album, but this time, without their former lead singer, Bon Scott. Bon Scott had unfortunately had got too caught up with the rock and roll lifestyle and had died of alcohol poisoning. The band had considered to break up, but through the support of friends and family and the will to keep going, they ventured on. They then brought on Brian Johnson to replace the late Bon Scott. Brian Johnson’s vocals could fit perfectly into the AC/DC type of music. It had just enough rasp and had the proper amount of authority to replace Scott. Without skipping a beat, AC/DC released a new album. This would go on to becoming one of their biggest, if not the biggest, AC/DC album. They called it Back in Black.

The forming of the new album was a great one. In this album, the best of AC/DC was displayed. Whether the song be Have a Drink On Me or the legendary Back in Black, this album was perfect. Brian Johnson did an amazing job with album. But to the actual song itself, Back in Black.

Back in Black was the cover song for the album. It was also the most popular, making it to Rolling Stone magazine and making it to the top of the charts. This song truly was a masterpiece. The simple but well played riff gave this song strength. The combination of the drumming and the guitar are perfect. Angus Young continues to stun everyone with his licks and solos that are a AC/DC regular. Of course, Malcolm Young, still playing rhythm, plays perfectly and keeps the pace as usual. But moving onto the vocals, they’re something you’ve never heard before. Less raspy than Bon Scott, but harsh enough to fit AC/DC. That was the combination that led to this song and the album in its entirety to becoming legendary.

The song Back in Black is a staple in the rock and roll community and will not be going anywhere. This song will forever be the greatest and the best unless Bon Scott himself were to rise from the grave and enter the recording studio. Once again, signing off.

Shazbot, nanu nanu.


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