The Beatles

It had to come to this at one point. The largest rock & roll band maybe ever in the world. The infamous and never forgetful four boys, The Beatles. The boys from England that ruled the world. The boys that single handedly made every teenage girl from England to Japan tremble. These four boys did more than just make teen girls wonder how someone could be so attractive, they shaped rock and roll history for years to come.

The beginning of it all. Four random boys looking to be found. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. It all started in Liverpool 1960. The Beatles were formed. And their first album, Please Please Me. Now as I sit here, I’m of course listening to the Please Please Me album. And just to start, it is great. It is not perfect, but it is more. It makes a mark. Just listening to to it now, the feelings of warmness and the feeling that the Beatles really care for a single person can be felt. The Beatles first album made an impression that everyone came back for. Then 1963 hit..

Enter 1963, the entire world is crazed for the Beatles. The entire world cannot wait for the Beatles. So what do they do? They go on a tour. Thus starting the British Invasion. The United States would be the prime target for the Beatles to go. So, of course they went. And while there, they made history, starring on the Ed Sullivan Show and performing. It was a extraordinarily humongous event, with millions of people across the United States watching. And this was just the beginning. The Beatles went on to tour the entire world for years on, and released hundreds of hit singles. They were the world’s most loved rock and roll band, making an appearance on every radio station from Florida, to Washington. The entire world loved the Beatles, and wanted more.

With the Beatles amazing popularity, of course they released amazing albums. But with the amazing albums, came amazing stress and inter-band conflicts. The cover compared to what was really happening was large. The band could barely stand each other anymore and with John marrying Yoko, the end was near.

Of course the band split up, and with that, many careers formed. All four of the former Beatles had made a solo career, and others more successful than others. Everyone was somewhat happy, and their careers were all booming. Then tragedy happened. John Lennon was murdered outside of his apartment. The tragedy shook the entire world, and even his former band mates. But John wasn’t the only one, George after a battle with throat cancer, had died. To this day, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are the only remaining Beatles. But even though they are not together any more, The Beatle’s music will be remembered forever.


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