The Rant

Hello folks. Today I have an alternative topic today that is aside from the good ole’ fashioned rock and roll. Today is my rant day. As I sit here writing this, I am at mhby desk, drinking a nice hot tea, listening to the classical movements of Vivaldi, but still the topic that I move onto still makes me mad to the core. This idea may or may not trigger you like it triggers me, so I’m going to say this now, if you are a very mentally weak person, log off now and save your feelings for later in the day. So this rant relates to something that happened on 3-26-17, Saturday in Huntington Beach. There was a Trump rally that occurred, and of course I can’t just leave it at that…

A nice sunny day in Huntington Beach, the tide is coming in, the soothing idiots.pngsound of the waves crashing, and then there is the protesters. And I’m not talking about the Trump supporters. Because MOST conservatives are somewhat well mannered while the latter are what I like to call, “crybabies” upon certain topics. So of course, the peaceful Trump rally was ongoing, and while that is occurring, the butt hurt liberals move in to ruin a good day at the beach. Now let us envision these folks. Are they wearing; A. A suit with a tie and a nice red MAGA hat. B. Board shorts with a tank top. C. Wearing nothing. Or D. All black pants with a hoodie covering their head. You got it right! D! These hooligans were wearing all black attire to make sure that they couldn’t be arrested later for assault and disturbing the peace.

Now what were they doing at the beach? Peacefully debating against the Trump supporters? Of course not! Otherwise they wouldn’t need to wear black. They were of course asAnti_Dead.jpgsaulting, both verbally and physically and making sure that the liberals would never get back into the White House. They are an utter disgrace to the nation and the Democratic party. They are the sole reason that Trump is in the White House and Hillary is not. And as long as people like them continue to antagonize and put fear into the hearts of Americans, the conservatives will be able to stay in control of the Congressional branch and executive branch.

Now what is the merit that they are earning from any of this rioting. Nothing. they are purely MlkkWxdYoDUKgps-800x450-noPadusing Trump in the White House for a platform for them to vandalize, assault, and disturb the peace that America was in previous to the liberals getting butt hurt about losing a election. And the most utter and disgusting part of this entire ordeal is the education that these folks have about what is ACTUALLY happening. “Oh Trump did something? I’m not going to fact check at all! Get my mask! I’m going to go riot so people see how terrible liberals are!” Now this can also relate to police shootings, but that’s an entire other blog post. If they were rioting for a valid reason, I could see the merit in that, not really but it would be better than mindless drones going to go get a mask and a black hoodie and ruining someones day.

So in conclusion, before I boil into a red heat and destroy everyones day. People that do this are, excuse my french, but pretty damn dumb. They try to solidify their opinions by using fear and violence instead of facts and debate. So they’re pretty much pathetic princes.

Thank you.


Nanu nanu.


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