The King’s Singers

I am back, and with my arrival, comes some new music to cover. So, plug in, lay back, and open up whatever music outlet you’d like to listen to this with, because this week is an unorthodox listen. Today I will be covering my favorite a cappella group, and perhaps one of the most skilled ones. They are known as “The King’s Singers”. They consist of 6 roles, all filled with masterful artists who are hand selected by each group member in an equal process. They are truly the best, and sing songs within their 3000 song repertoire. So, without further ado, let’s take a listen.

The King’s Singers have a somewhat interesting past. Screenshot 2017-04-24 19.18.33They originally came together after all attending Kings College in Cambridge, England. All original members of The King’s Singers were choral scholars, so the ability to develop their voices could be focused on more compared to the idea of working together. The collection of voices in The King’s Singers should not work, but it has worked flawlessly for years. The composition consists of two countertenors, one tenor, two baritones, and one bass. The songs that predominantly were sung by them were of course, religious, and classical songs that have a good harmony. However, the repertoire of The King’s Singers expanded greatly later in the future to even include, The Beatles, and some modern day composers. And with the furthering years, The King’s Singers have changed ensembles multiple times, but with every change, no significant decrease in quality has been evident.

The King’s Singers ensemble is an always changing thing, and new prospects are always being observed. Screenshot 2017-04-24 19.19.58But, my personal favorite ensemble was the previous from current one. Within that ensemble existed two of the best King’s Singers. The two being Stephen Connolly, bass, and David Hurley, countertenor 1. Along with that, one of my favorite tenors was in the previous ensemble, Paul Phoenix. All three of these men have moved on from the King’s Singers and have pursued either retirement, or a new solo career. The King’s Singers ensemble that is shown in the picture, is a powerhouse ensemble. The abilities of bassist Connolly, and tenor of David Hurley allowed them to access songs that could reach amazing lengths.

The King’s Singers have been able to sing numerous song types, 51EEZBW6B2L._SY445_.jpgranging from classical, to The Beatles. And through each wave of music,they still remain true to the King’s Singers identity. The King’s Singers have been able to evolve with the music, and adapt it to suit them, because it is not a song with a good melody they need, but instead a song with a great harmony. But the King’s Singers have not strayed from their roots, with them still including multiple French, and other songs with different languages in their repertoire. But with the new age of The King’s Singers, the repertoire has changed to compensate with the newer crowds that demand newer music.

So to quickly wrap this up so I can continue to listen to The King’s Singers, is this simple paragraph. The King’s Singers have stayed true to their choral roots that launched them imagesto worldwide fame, and have been able to maintain a steady and growing fan base. Along with that, with half of their years spent touring the world performing, they have become dedicated to what they do, and are always improving, and adding to their extremely large repertoire. So, at your own risk, if you wish to open your ears to a different experience, give The King’s Singers a listen. Because with the introduction of The King’s Singers can open up a whole array of music that may be unknown to the normal listener.


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