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Welcome back to the listen, plug in, sit back, and get ready for this new topic. This new topic must be discussed, because they are world wide rockstars, and are household names. They are no other than Led Zeppelin.earlydays

Within everyone’s lives, Led Zeppelin is heard through in some way shape or form. They are the rockstars that shaped rock and roll and even more than that, society as a whole, and are never going away. They have been able to afflict almost every musicians way of writing, thinking, and performing. They are the flamboyant boys that have made boys dream, and girls imagine. The ability for them to reach every household with their amazing scores (if you want to call them that), and change the way rock and roll was thought of and performed, is just awesome.

No fooling around with history, lets get straight into their content. Their songs have reached more than enough fame, and no blog could be able to encompass all of the songs and their natural state. So, I will aim my beam at a couple, and try to break it down a bit more. So, to start us off, we start with “Rock and Roll”. maxresdefaultThis song, means a  lot to me in the personal ways, because this was one of the first songs that I had learned, and was the first song that I had soloed over (it was very hard). This song can sum up the pure musical abilities that Led Zeppelin had, with the hard cymbals start, then moving into the addictive riff of pull offs and hammer ons. Mixed all with the yeast of rock and roll, the bass. “Rock and Roll” does exactly what it means, it rocks and rolls. The combinations of all the aspects of a rock and roll band at their best sky rockets this song to the near top of my list. But, along with the hard rock aspect of Led Zeppelin, their soft side can be heard in the song “Over the Hills and Far Away“.

The soft side of Led Zeppelin can be seen as the best side of Led Zeppelin, but every “soft” Led Zeppelin has to have the Led Zeppelin aspect in it. And the song that could best display this is “Over the Hills and Far Away”. Jimmy Page, Earls Court London. Foto by Barry Plummer May 1975 05Personally, this song is an excellent song, combining the acoustic intro, drums, fantastic vocals, and the signature Jimmy Page that has that little bit of pizzaz. But more than that, the song is almost psychedelic in some sense, with the beginning luring your into the song, thinking that it is a nice little acoustic song, then it all hits you. The Marshall amps and the over driven tones shock you into a hearing coma, where you can’t do much except for just listen, and hope it doesn’t end. But, moving away from the somewhat soft side, comes there most known and heard song probably ever to phase the earth. You know what it is…

The most heard Led Zeppelin song ever. The holy grail of rock. Is it satanic? Is it religious? Or is it just pure gold. That is up to the listener. Conspiracy theories might say it is satanic, and that it is some sort of illuminati ploy to confuse the earth, but one thing is for sure. It is possibly one of the best songs ever to reach earth. If you haven’t guessed the song yet, I will help you out. The EDS 1275 is used in this song. jimmy (1)-MIt is none other than “Stairway to Heaven“. Most people will listen to this song the first time around, wondering what the hell is this, but after a few more listens, it starts to come together. This song is the masterpiece. It is the holy grail. This song could only be made by the gods of olympus, and that this song is outrageous. Everything about the song is legendary, the legendary EDS 1275, the legendary intro, the legendary piano-thing, the legendary vocals, solo, drums, etc. The list can go on forever. The beginning intro has a somewhat catchy riff, but the second the electric comes in, the body doesn’t know how to react, but with chills going down your spine. And then the guitar solo? That is inhumane, no human could’ve fabricated it. It is possibly the largest and most well known solo. The outcome of “Stairway to Heaven” is global, and has influenced other artists, and other songs.

So to wrap this up swiftly, Led Zeppelin is perhaps the most powerful, influential, and greatest rock group to face the Earth. Though it is personal opinion, because I believe that Rush is amazing still… But it is for sure, they are not a force to be messed with, and are going to continue to influence the world after death.


Nanu nanu.



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