Police State!? Wrong!

Welcome back to The Listen, today, we’re going to swerve away from the normal music genre, and come to a topic that is important to me due to my future career, and my love for law enforcement. The upcoming topic is extremely controversial, so if you are weak of heart, please click off.

So, recently, a police related shooting happened resulting in a fatality of a suspect. It is a very graphic video, so watch at your own risk. The video takes place with two Roy City pstop_and_friskolice officers responding to a disturbance call. They arrive on scene and see Mr. Nicholas Sanchez, the reason for the call, they make initial contact with Mr. Sanchez and attempt to move him away from the store he was standing in front of so they could engage in some sort of conversation without disturbing the establishment. They asked
Mr. Sanchez to step over so they could frisk him, which is completely legal according to the case law of Terry v Ohio, and he avoids getting frisked in every way possible. He lifts up his sweatshirt he is wearing and reveals a gun, he then runs away, and an officer wrestles him to the ground. Simultaneously, his partner mag-dumps into Mr. Sanchez, and the officer that was wrestling with him ends up shooting him with his own gun. So, with that said, let us get into it.

So yeah, this is very controversial. Ranging from why they shot him, and why the officer shot him with the subject’s own weapon. 0b8f0e684fca84775d8c8e3ba6a0e429--glock-9mm-handgunAt plain sight, this is basic 2nd degree murder. The officer unneededly mag-dumped into him, and his partner shot him with his own weapon while he was still down.  Its even debatable why they chased him and wrestled him to the ground, I mean why did they have to do all of this stuff?! Is it because we live in a current police state, and they can do whatever they want! Why did they yell at him ever after they had shot him! He was already down! absurdity! But wait. Let me enlighten you on why they did what they did.

Let’s start off with the obvious thing, why did they mag-dump. Why did they need to shoot someone that many times? This is a simple thing. At this point in the scenario, they didn’t know what was going on, and they didn’t know what was going to happen. So they went straight to their training. At a point where your partner, someone you trust with your life, is wrestling on the ground with a suspect with a gun, all bets are off, you’re going to use any force possible to make sure your partner survives, and the suspect is subject to the law. Now, why did they shoot a man that just had a gun? Okay. The simple answer is this. HE HAD A GUN AND WAS RESISTING. This video shows why you don’t let people have guns when they have bad intentions. Mr. Sanchez had malice, and was ready to do anything to win, hence why he attempted to get his gun. Now, why did they shoot him that much? DocumentRead this. Also read this. There are hundreds more. Some people are just immune to pain when fueled by adrenaline, so in a situation like this, you want to make sure that your partner, and you are safe, so the mag-dump was a acceptable thing. Why did they shoot him with his own weapon? At the point of this, his partner had already mag-dumped him, and the officer wrestling had gotten the gun. The reason that he shot him was because the suspect was still resisting in a manner that could lead to him getting accessibility to the gun, which is a no-no. Though it is debatable that he shouldn’t of done that regardless, you need to remember officers are human beings. They value their lives more than a criminal’s who intends to hurt them. Last topic, why did they yell at him when they had already shot him? In a situation like this, where about 20 shots were fired, you do not know what is going to happen next. You know one thing, and that is your training. At the academy, you are taught to always assess your target’s after confrontation, regardless if they’re shot. So the officers were falling back onto their training at this point, and were radioing for backup code 3, and EMS code 3.

What does all of this say? It says that before people jump to conclusionsmaxresdefault
on how terrible the police are, they should do some research, and think as if the police officer was a human, and not just a mindless drone paid for by the government. Because in reality, the police are human, and will cry like a human, and die like a human. So next time a shooting happens, be smart, take the officer’s place, and think it out in a thorough way.




Dedicated to Officer Rick Nilos, Fountain Valley Police Department, E.O.W. 03/29/17.




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