Police State!? Wrong!

Welcome back to The Listen, today, we’re going to swerve away from the normal music genre, and come to a topic that is important to me due to my future career, and my love for law enforcement. The upcoming topic is extremely controversial, so if you are weak of heart, please click off. So, recently, […]

The Yoosh

Welcome back to the listen, plug in, sit back, and get ready for this new topic. This new topic must be discussed, because they are world wide rockstars, and are household names. They are no other than Led Zeppelin. Within everyone’s lives, Led Zeppelin is heard through in some way shape or form. They are […]

The King’s Singers

I am back, and with my arrival, comes some new music to cover. So, plug in, lay back, and open up whatever music outlet you’d like to listen to this with, because this week is an unorthodox listen. Today I will be covering my favorite a cappella group, and perhaps one of the most skilled […]

The Rant

Hello folks. Today I have an alternative topic today that is aside from the good ole’ fashioned rock and roll. Today is my rant day. As I sit here writing this, I am at my desk, drinking a nice hot tea, listening to the classical movements of Vivaldi, but still the topic that I move […]

Neil Young

Neil Young is perhaps one of the greatest musical artists. He is the grandfather of grunge, the Young in Crosy, Stills, Nash, and Young, and he is the legend of folk. Neil Young has made numerous of amazing songs, that some would think are, “odd”, but I believe that Neil Young’s type of music is […]

Greatest Band in the World

The best band in the world? Led Zeppelin? Pink Floyd? What is the best band in the world. Most people would consider one of the more bigger bands to be the greatest band ever to live, but in my eyes, the Canadian band “Rush” is the best rock and roll band. But at first sight, […]

The Beatles

It had to come to this at one point. The largest rock & roll band maybe ever in the world. The infamous and never forgetful four boys, The Beatles.┬áThe boys from England that ruled the world. The boys that single handedly made every teenage girl from England to Japan tremble. These four boys did more […]